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Stockholm, 27 May 2021

Swedish Moli Streaming takes live streaming to the next level with mobile screen sharing

Moli Streaming has launched an app that takes livestreaming to a new level and enables users to see other people's mobile screens and share their own in real time - with an unlimited amount of followers. Several well-known influencers have already joined the app, among them Josefine Caarle and Viktor Frisk who both have hundreds of thousands of followers on their social channels.

The trend for livestreaming is growing fast and more and more people want to share their mobile activities in real time with their followers for immediate response and direct feedback. Many social platforms already offer livestreaming with a camera today, but so far there has been a lack of a tool that enables sharing of a mobile screen live with an unlimited amount of followers. It should be easy to share your mobile screen with friends and family but also with a larger community during various activities such as content creation, coaching, live shopping, mobile games, events and more. Activities that, until now have been isolated, can now be made social and interactive through Moli. The app enables a new type of interaction between users on social media through a previously unexplored channel, such as live mobile screen sharing.

“Today we use our mobiles to create everything from visual content, make music and build stock portfolios. With Moli, we enable a previously isolated and hidden creation to be made into a joint activity that can inspire, teach and entertain. There is a completely unexplored world that is now highlighted with this platform for both creators and consumers", says Alexander Bouzi, CEO and one of three founders of Moli Streaming.

Moli Streaming was founded two years ago by Alexander Bouzi, Henrik Eriksson and Mattias Frånberg who all have a background from the music streaming company Spotify. The founders saw an increasing demand for direct sharing of content from smartphones. But so far there has been no mobile platform where you can share the content of your mobile, live, for an unlimited amount of followers, in a simple and easily accessible way. Moli is an app for all types of content that can be created on a smartphone. Thus, the app attracts users with different backgrounds. Two of them are the social media profiles Josefine Caarle and Viktor Frisk

"What attracted me to Moli was the opportunity to get closer to my followers by sharing an unfiltered version of myself and get higher engagement," says Viktor Frisk

Moli is now available to download on the App Store

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About Moli Streaming:
Moli Streaming AB was founded in Stockholm 2019 by Alexander Bouzi, Henrik Eriksson and Mattias Frånberg, all with a background on Spotify. Moli enables users to share their mobile screen live with an unlimited amount of followers and can be used for everything from sharing their mobile screen with friends and family to professionals for entertainment, live gaming, education, coaching and live shopping, etc.